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Through the RSS service, Harun Yahya website makes it possible for followers of harunyahya.com to download content which is updated on a minute-by-minute basis to their computers.

In order to automatically install harunyahya.com works on your RSS reader:

1 – Copy one of the links from the categories listed belo
2 – Add this link to your RSS reader.

You can download RSS reader programs free of charge. In order to find the program best suited to you, just enter the words “RSS reader” on search engines. There is also an RSS reader in many e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook.

After downloading the RSS program, you can follow the above procedure to ensure that harunyahya.com works are downloaded automatically to your computer.

The most popular readers used for following RSS services are Google Reader and MyYahoo. You can also perform the subscription procedure directly in these applications by using the relevant buttons next to the addresses.


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